Spring 2023
Mondays 16:00 - 18:00

Sessions on Territory: Repair
Milica Topalović, Nazlı Tümerdem

SESSIONS ON TERRITORY is a series of public debates on the political economy of architecture and territory. Focusing on agriculture, the upcoming series will draw upon relationships of care and reciprocity with soil and biodiversity from the past and present, to help move beyond consumerist techno-fixes, and toward more self-sufficient and ecological land practices. Through a series of debates with invited guests, the seminar will explore the critical agrarian questions emerging under 21st-century (extended) urbanisation. Every intervention by a guest speaker is followed by a panel discussion with invited respondents.

  1. Repair of The Office
    Section of Architectural Workers (UVW-SAW)

  2. Repair of Objects
    Silke Langeberg, Sara Zeller & Yves Ebnöther

  3. Self-Repair for a Broken Discipline
    Charlotte Malterre-Barthes