Autumn 2022

A New Diet for a New Landscape: From Dying Soil to New PlanetDiler Ciftci, Ioannis Davaris, and Victoria Dubois

Soils are an essential resource for the survival of our planet. Carbon sequestration directly reduces CO2 in the atmosphere. “Healthy soils can therefore mitigate climate change.” (European Environment Agency, 2021) Hence, the project settles on a will to regenerate its soils. The approach had been to understand the actual state of Vaud lands. The history of the agricultural landscape, generated by the different methods used, has deeply affected the quality of the land. Climate change amplified this growing degradation with increasing temperatures and severe precipitation patterns. Soil restoration becomes even more crucial in the last available open areas of the urban.

The strategy is to offer a new diet for the canton and its agriculture. It aims to provide a healthier quality of food for the population. Also, this diet is dedicated directly to the soil and the landscape. The animal production ratios are revised. The combination of methods and the management of water and vegetation allows for the protection of the land. A cooperative network of Vaud farms is studied to improve the organic matter. Lastly, the agricultural expansion in the city encourages social connections through the care of the soil.