Autumn 2021

Network of Care: Through An Isotropy of WalkCaio Fialho, Ece Emanetoglu, Akshar Gajjar, and Fotis Panagopoulos

“…any framework that seeks to separate nature and society into discrete realms is utterly disabling for a radical and liberatory politics.”
Alex Loftus. Everyday Environmentalism. 2012.

The territory of Greater Geneva, as natural as it looks, is a landscape of manicured, managed, and productive nature. The current trend of urbanism and lifestyle has increasingly distanced humans from various ecosystem services and functions. Climate challenges are hence as much a social issue as they are ecological and technological.

The ‘Network of Care’ proposes a socio-ecological project where Care is a reciprocal act between nature and culture at territorial scale. The project sets into action a context specific movement which identifies spaces of ecological distress and produces opportunities of care that spread education and awareness in the society leading to social consolidation.