Autumn 2021

The 93% Biodiversity Society: A Future ImaginaryNathalie Peeters, Petra Pfaff, Iason Giannopoulos, and Nima Tabrizi

In an increasingly fragmented territory with a growing urbanization pressure, the following project proposes a shift in mentality to achieve a symbiosis between nature and culture in the Greater Geneva area. Starting from the Swiss law for biodiversity promotion – 7% of each agriculture field to be reserved for biodiverse cultures – the project strives for the inverted proportion of 93% biodiversity in the Allondon watershed and the Pays de Gex with the support of a society that understands the full spectrum of bio-diversity through active participation. The superbocage is introduced as a structuring isotropic element within the mosaic territory to create a symbiotic relationship between humans, fauna and flora in Greater Geneva.

Human movement patterns clearly dominate over the wildlife movements in the metropolitan area of Geneva. By approaching the territory from the point of view of wildlife habitats and their connectivity, this future scenario proposes to increase biodiversity by enhancing the existing green corridors and softening the rigid boundaries between humans and non-humans. It is high time to rethink human’s position in their surrounding environment in order to achieve a harmonious symbiosis.

Pays de Gex is a countryside
Of hedgerows and barriers
Where the superbocage finds its place
In relation to the underground
A corridor between biodiverse hotspots
With a natural and sociocultural emphasis