Spring 2022

AtlasFood ConsumptionLoukia Deli and Petra Pfaff

“Tischlein, deck dich!”

What does Zurich eat? And where does the food come from?

Living in a cosmopolitan city with openness to global markets and a strong purchasing power, the Zurich city-dweller is exposed to endless gastronomic opportunities. Nonetheless, half of the food consumed in the city is grown within Switzerland’s borders and a large part is grown regionally. Despite the considerable efforts already undertaken by public administrations, retailers and consumers to encourage short food flows, seasonal and regional foods, and less food waste, there are still many challenges ahead. Climate imbalances, political unrests and their consequent chain-reactions affect food production and consumption globally.

We ask ourselves: how can we adapt our table culture today to counterbalance the environmental challenges of tomorrow?

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