Spring 2022

AtlasFood SecurityCaio Fialho, Amin El-Didi, and Nima Tabrizi

The Swiss Farmers’ Association (Schweizer Bauernverband SBV) presented the popular proposal “For Food Security” in July 2014. The goal was to boost local and long-term food production. The federal council and parliament acknowledged the initiative’s validity but devised a more detailed counter-proposal. The counter-proposal called for a constitutional revision to Article 104. The constitution would then ensure that the Swiss people would have continuous access to a sufficient amount of healthy and affordable food. But can the land, soil, and its capacity guarantee the same? How is this initiative different from its historic precedents? And how is food security to be achieved when the concept itself is still so contested? This atlas explores these questions through a grounded case study of Canton of Zurich, Switzerland’s most populous canton embedded in its fertile valley.