Autumn 2021

Surface and Ground Water: The Allondon Watershed: A Future ConditionMichael Fingleton, Nadia Nika, and Chaido Kaproulia

Surface and ground. Water in both its natures. Throughout history crucial to the development of life, and into the future no less important. Surface water brings life to the world, ground water sustains life on earth.

Our future condition seeks to engage with the present degradation of our ecosystems and their services, especially those of the water system, in this case specifically underground karst network and aquifers, and diminished and depleted wetlands of the Allondon watershed by Geneva.

We propose an alternate vision of engagement with this most important artery of life, for humans and non-humans, such as to provide a future condition of sustainable co-habitation for all systems within the Allondon watershed, a future imaginary for the watershed, socially, ecologically and spatially.