Autumn 2021

The Remedy of Water: Creating Continuity in the Fragmented Aire WatershedVasiliki Bali, Matteo Bischof, and Evangelia Kiosse

Watercourses and wetlands have always been the foundations on which the cities were developed from its use as a provisional resource and as a core base for life to its input into economic activities. Foucault in his book History of Madness emphasizes the concept of water as a means of purification. In this project we want to introduce a new perception of health. A health that is referring to the urban and territorial fabric, the wellbeing of all its inhabitants: human and non-humans based on the important presence of water in every living organism and as a means of purification, both literally and metaphorically.

Our hypothesis imagines the opportunities of water as a regulating, cultural, supporting and provisioning service. The proposition provides a scenario where water is filtered and embraced within the city and agriculture. Natural systems (e.g. artificial marshland, wetlands and purification ponds) are used to filter and store water. The long term hypothesis imagines a territory where the urban areas have embraced water as a remedy for health. Water has become a corridor within the metropolis of villages in Greater Geneva.