Spring 2022

A Fantasy of Diversity for the Alpine Pastures: Relearning Reslience in the Zurcher OberlandAkshar Gajjar and Chaido Kaproulia

Ecology thrives on diversity, the diversity of habitats, and of species and environments. This diversity not only ensures food chain equilibrium but also reinforces resilience against disease. Over centuries, areas of human food production have played an important role in maintaining this equilibrium, which over the industrial and agricultural revolutions has been drastically and radically altered.

Agriculture in the Swiss Prealps is edging further away from traditions of diversity towards a homogenous future, reinforced by state payments, damaging the agricultural economy and ecology. Without mixed land use the biodiversity has declined. Without diverse ecology the health of both wild and farm animals are unduly affected. Without networks, farms are becoming increasingly isolated. Without innovative farming agricultural industry is intensifying. The future of agriculture in the Oberland goes beyond food to question how to live on a damaged landscape.

All images are taken by Alice Clarke, Akshar Gajjar, & Chaido Kaproulia unless mentioned otherwise.