Autumn 2022

A Whole Beyond Its Parts: Weaving Habitats in LausanneLeonie Ismene Ehrler, Cristina Fusco, and Thomas Gruber

At the moment, we coexist in the territories that we live in with animals, insects, plants and many other living beings. We as humans, have modified and adapted our environment to suit our needs and have in this way fractured existing ecosystems and habitats. Through our first walks across the territory of Lausanne, we experienced a scattered mesh of vegetations: agricultural plains, forests, urban parks, lakeshore lawns, private gardens, among others. Whilst these types coexist in the territory, their relation to each other remains disperse.

Our project proposes an alternative vision of a territory of existing various habitats, closely weaved together as a tapestry. This mesh establishes a new direction for creating continuities and balance between ecosystems in the territory. Our project is about giving a new meaning to these spaces by reconnecting, intertwining and regenerating their qualities. When reuniting these fragments, the possibility for more exchange between species enhances resilience within the natural environment. In our vision, we propose a paradigm shift of the relation to our surroundings: one where we live in and share a territory of intertwined habitats suitable for us and for all living beings.